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Pediatric dentisty revision

Is so important to have dental revisions for our children, from the age of 2 years and a half. By that moment, baby teeth have already erupted, and the kid is more receptive to discover the dental room, the sounds, the smells, the uniform’s colors, and all kind of sensations and feelings that can appear in the consultation.
The first visit will be only to explore the mouth, and to make the child get used to the dentistry, avoiding future fears. Then, with 6 years, children are more conscious about the possible aches, and they are more suspicious. The best way to act is that the parents enter the room with the children, to show them that everything is going to be fine.
Children have to make dental revisions every 6 months, for the temporary teeth. Is very important for the temporary teeth to be healthy, to prevent future space problems.
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