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Massive consumerism

On Christmas, people tend to make a massive consumption, but this can be masked by the time of the year where we are. This can be a real problem, and sometimes it is perceived like a psychiatrist disorder, that can cause serious difficulties to the family’s economy. In many cases, this can create frustration, because we cannot get all the things we want to buy. This frustration prevents us from enjoying this period with our family and friends. This kind of problems can be related to dissatisfaction or anxiety.
This impulse is only satisfied when buying, no matter what or for whom. The most important thing is supply that need.
Compulsive buying encourage purchasing things that we don’t really need.
Christmas is a time of the year that invites the consumerism. Publicity and social customs, make people think that there is a NEED of buying, because is the normal thing to do, and many times we do it excessively.
With this, we don’t want to say that we must not give gifts on Christmas, or buying in a general way. Or if we want to gift someone, doesn’t mean we have a problem. The only thing we want to say is that we have to do it without exceeding our limits.
If we realize that we may have a problem, the best way to act, is asking for help to a specialist. In INTERKLINIC we have our psychologists Eva Álvarez and Javier Galbeño, and our psychiatrist, Marta Bustos. ¡We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!