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How to prevent the hangover?

In Christmas is very common suffering from this kind of problems, because of the festive days of December. People get together and celebrate with family and friends, and is very frequent a high intake of food and alcohol. That’s why is so important knowing how we can prevent for this to happen.
To prevent the hangover, or at least to make it lighter, we have to take into account things before drinking alcohol like, eating well, taking vitamin B, eating oil or milk (this can help to create a oily film that prevent the absorption of the alcohol). The same thing happens when we eat for example cheese or nuts. Drinking water before and during the intake of alcohol, and of course, take control of the volume of alcohol that we are drinking, without exceed our limits.
After drinking, is so important the hydration. The best thing to do is drinking a glass of water before going to sleep. In the morning is good for us keep drinking water gradually, or even isotonic drinks. Is beneficial as well having breakfast and relax. A good option to combat the headache could be taking an analgesic, but ONLY if we don’t have alcohol anymore in our organism. Is not recommended taking any kind of medication the same day we have drunk alcohol because it can cause more serious problems.
In INTERKLINIC we want to raise awareness about the importance of the moderation while drinking, because is better enjoying having things under control. ¡¡HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!