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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a stetic dental treatment that reduce teeth’s stains, making them look whiter and shiny. This process allow removing most of the spots produced by some medicines, drinks like coffee, tea or whine, tobacco, and food with too much colorants.
It is done with hydrogen peroxide and cold light. Is a process that lasts more or less 20 minutes. Although it depends on the patient, but is usually necessary doing the teeth cleaning before the whitening, to allow the hydrogen peroxide behave the same way in every tooth. In this case in which is essential the teeth cleaning, the process lasts more or less 45 minutes.
Teeth whitening can be done every 6 months or year, depending on the stains of the patient’s teeth.
In INTERKLINIC we have a special offer for this kind of treatment, even if you want to make a gift in this Christmas:
• Teeth cleaning + Teeth Whitening: 79€
• Teeth Whitening: 59€
Now there are no excuses for not looking with a beautiful smile in this Christmas celebrations. Book your appointment calling the 952 599 023. We are waiting for you!