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Dental Services


We offer you a comprehensive and complete service of dentistry provided by a team of professionals: dentists and maxillofacial surgeons who are individually specialised in all areas of odontology and the newest technological equipment.

This two points has enabled us to establish ourselves as a reference centre for dentistry on the Costa del Sol.


It is a odontologic specialty that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease that affects the tissues that gives support to dental pieces.

Periodontal diseases can appear with gingivitis(inflamed and bleeding of gums) or Periodontitis(bone destruction).

If it is not treated on time it can provoke teeth loss.

Gingivitis is a mouth bacteria disease generally caused by the food particles remained between the teeths. It can be developed due to deficient  hygiene.

Periodontitis known as Pyorrhea, is a chronic disease, if it is not properly treated by a qualified professional, will delete the bone support of the teeth and as consequence the proper tooth loss.

It is important to know that the disease development can be stopped, therefore, we recommend a regular dentist check up.

We make periodic monitoring and treatment to stop periodontal process with training of the special techniques for tooth brushing.




Orthodontics is concerned with correcting irregularities which may necessitate substituting teeth or correcting abnormalities which occur when chewing in order to assure optimal aesthetic appeal and functionality.

This treatment is best carried out between the ages of 9 and 15 when bone and dental structures are developing although some preventative treatments correcting malformation are better undertaken during early years between 4 and 5.

Furthermore, there are treatments which correct aesthetic problems available for adults, periodontal diseases, noises which occur when speaking or opening the mouth…

Age is not an issue when it comes to following a course of treatment.

The needs of every individual patient dictate the time involved in a course of treatment although as a rule it takes some 1 to 2 years.

It is advisable when completing a course of treatment to use a reinforcing device for a certain period until such time as the teeth under treatment have become firmly settled/fixed in their new position.

Accepting such a device does not take long even though there may be an initial sensation of a foreign body or mild abrasions which can be avoided by applying wax, gels or other suitable products.

Upon completion of such treatment, the patient is able to enjoy the delights of having an attractive, healthy smile for the rest of his/her life.


This is the invisible form of aligning your teeth without the necessity of metal devices. Invisalign® is an innovative method which uses a series of invisible, made-to-measure aligners which can be removed.

The main advantage is one of aesthetics.Not only are the aligners transparent but they are also removablewhich means that you can eat and drink whatever you want during the course of treatment which makes for greaterconvenience.

Other advantages are that you spend less time undergoing check-ups in the clinic as these are required less frequently; you know exactly how long the treatment will take and you are able to remove and clean the device.

The duration of the treatment varies between 6 months to 3 years depending upon the degree of movement involved.

Within the space of only 3 weeks, it is possible to predict the amount of time involved and the results of each course of treatment.

Already more than 100, 000 patients have tried out successfully this innovative system which has been applied now for several years in the U.S.


With lingual orthodontics you are able to align your teeth in such a way that any unsightly brackets are not seen as the latter are normally attached to the inside surface of the teeth:

  • The device is not seen when attached to the inside of the teeth
  • It promotes good control when moving your teeth
  • The interference to your speech is minimal (initially only 2 weeks)

For adults, this is the preferred method of orthodontics based on a variety of reasons including aesthetic, ultimately because it is hidden from sight.
With this technology, the brackets are custom-made according to the needs of each patient. This system achieves a final result of the highest quality as compared with other more conventional methods.
For reasons pertaining to economy and comfort, we can combine lingual orthodontics using the upper set of teeth (the teeth which are seen the most) with ceramic devices in the lower set.


  Pediatric dentistry

The difference between usual odontology and pediatric dentistry on cavities treatment is the presence of primary teeth, therefore their treatment on primary teeth are done more aggressively.

In order to avoid an inadequate treatment and so later it could affect the definitive teeth.

Services offered

  • Dental filling
  • Teeth Reconstruction
  • Direct pulp capping
  • Indirect pulp capping
  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulp tissue
  • Dental Crown
  • Fluoridation
  • Pits and fissure sealing
  • Oral hygiene techniques
  • Urgent consult for trauma
  • Restoration of crown treatment
  • Exodoncy
  • Space maintainer fixed at one end
  • Space maintainer fixed in both sides
  Dental implant

dental implants it is about a root welded on a natural system to the maxillary bone to give them a stable base in order to put a firm and solid teeth which is absent.

The placement process is easy, approximately it takes 20- 30 minutes for the placement process.

Osseointegration (bone and implant join) it is done in approximately 5-6 weeks. After this period, the implant it is already ready for the crown placement.




  Endodontics - Root Canal treatment

Endodontic treatment is concerned with preserving and maintaining the individual tooth thereby avoiding extraction.

The main causes of this disease are tooth decay-caries  and periodontal infection (pyorrhoea) which leads to the tooth losing its vitality.

There are various solutions: From a pulp coating which provides protection for the tooth and the nerve to root canal treatments when nerve damage is irreversible, and the infection has affected tissues and patient have lost the vitality of the tooth.

Endodontia is usually done within one or two visits. It is totally free of pain and involves:

  1. The extraction of the affected nerve
  2. Cleaning and filling of the canal
  3. Rebuilding the individual tooth

In order to assure success on your treatment, we have the latest generation equipment.

  Whitening of your teeth

Current techniques of teeth whitening are based on product activation with a cold light with a specific whitening lamp, to release molecules H2O2 that filters the polish of the teeth through dental tubules.

There are approximately 15000 dental tubules/mm2. Therefore it is a whitening treatment from the inside of the teeth.

The whitening intensity depends upon each patient, therefore it is very important a first evaluation from the dentist to determine the expectations of the case.

Treatment takes about an hour. It is completely painless, harmless and reliable.

It may be necessary to enhance the results to perform a cleaning or dental hygiene if more than two months has been performed the last does.

We use the most advanced technology to obtain the best results on your treatment.

  Ceramic veneers

La colocación de carillas suele hacerse en solo 2 sesiones.

The placement of veneers is usually done in just 2 visits.

During your first visit, we design the smile which you wish to achieve ensuring that this is perfectly in accordance with your face looking as natural as is possible.

Once we have the design, we then move onto preparing each tooth thereby ensuring that each piece can be successfully attached.

Once the individual dental pieces have been determined, we then take an impression of the patient’s mouth which is sent to a specialized laboratory where every individual piece of every patient is made to measure.

Before the end of the first session, provisional teeth are attached which will remain until the final product has been put in place.

During the second visit, the provisional pieces are removed and the ceramic definitive veneers are attached.

Finally, this is a dental treatment which is in accordance with personal needs and which is carried out by a professional laboratory.

If properly maintained, ceramic sides will last up to 20 years.

They carry a guarantee of 5 years.

  Composite veneers
There are two types of aesthetic sides: One made of a composite and the other made of ceramic material.

The main advantages of this treatment are:

  • It is reversible i.e. we can always go back to how it was in the beginning.
  • There is no need to remodel the tooth.
  • This is achieved within only 1 visit to the dentist.
  • An exceptional aesthetic appeal thanks to the successful imitational qualities of dental substances available.
  • No discoloration and lends itself to being polished.
  • This is an easy solution in the event of a broken tooth.

With the right treatment and maintenance, we can estimate the average life expectancy of a composite side to be something between 5 and 10 years.

UOnce this time has elapsed, it is recommended that the initial treatment be restored. This involves removing the top coating of the composite and adding another. This process does not mean that the entire initial side has to be removed.A composite side is a thin aesthetic surface which is moulded onto the tooth which then modifies its colour, shape and size.

Whatever your age, composite coatings can be applied when and if necessary.

  COMING SOON Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

It is the medical oral and maxillofacial surgery that prevents, studies, diagnoses, treats and rehabs diseases of mouth, face and craniofacial deformity, as well the organs and cervical structures related directly or indirectly with them.

  • Benign and malicious tumors for head and necks.
  • Fractures and facial wounds.
  • Congenital deformities: Cleft lip, cleft palate, alteration of the skull shape.
  • Orthognathic Surgery: dentofacial deformity.
  • Cosmetic surgery: lifting, rhytidectomy, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, blepharoplasty, etc)
  • Face reconstructive surgery.
  • Oral surgery (implants, included teeth).
  • Join disorders.
  • Salivary gland disease: both benign and malign tumors, mumps and rubella, etc.
  Fixed Prosthesis


Thanks to the high degree of permeability of light of its exclusive materials, this achieves the highest degree of naturalness and is produced without a metal base. At Interklinic, we work exclusively with crowns and structures made by LAVA® .

Crowns and bridging structures made of zirconium LAVA® which are entirely ceramic stand out against those which are made of metal for both their biocompatibility and their unparalleled aesthetic properties.

All our work with LAVA® carries a 5 year guarantee



Within only 2-3 visits to the clinic, our highly qualified dental surgeons, who use materials of the highest quality, succeed in restoring your lost tooth/ teeth thereby achieving a most astonishing naturalness and beauty.

All our crowns carries a guarantee of 12 months.