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Cosmetic Medicine


Here you can find the cosmetic treatments available at our practice.


  Vein Sclerotherapy


Sclerosis with micro-foam is a medicinal therapeutic which brings about a specific iatrogenic blockage of varicose veins.

Sclerosis with micro-foam is the most effective and innovative treatment for varicose veins and chronic ulcers for the lower part of the body.

The results are immediate and after a few months, the initial problems which surfaced around the vein have been corrected.

Detectable through the main vein artery as well as through the micro veins or the ‘vascular spiders.’

  • immediate removal
  • outpatient treatment
  • scareless
  • without anesthesia

The treatment consists of injecting a solution or micro-foam which has been specially prepared for the task which then acts upon any type of vein being already its own organism and sets about fiberising the same.

  • The infected vein is located by using Eco-Doppler.
  • It is then pierced , catheter is inserted into the vein through which the micro-foam is injected.
  • Thanks to the eco-doppler the process is monitored.
  • Finally a bandage is applied along with a support stocking.
  • The patient is then able to return home independently .
  • The treatment is constantly followed up by periodical check ups in our clinics using ultrasound scanning equipment.
  • neither hospitalization - nor anaesthetic is required.
  • Results are visible immediately- Discomfort is minimal.
  • Neither rest nor time off work is required.


  Cosmetic and repairing surgery

Breast plastic surgery: change of size of the breast, due to age, change of weight, pregnancy, including enlargement and shortening mammoplasty, breast lifting, breast asymmetry..

Face plastic surgery: Including corrections, face asymmetry or alteration due to older age, such as rhinoplasty,ear surgeryeyelid surgeryface lifting, facial contour alteration such as chin and cheeks lifting.

Cosmetic surgery of body sculpting: It includes different surgical processes such as liposuction, buttocks correction and abdominoplasty.

Hand cosmetic surgery: That affects soft hand parts, nerves and tendons.

Plastic Surgery in general: it includes scar repairing of surgical or trauma origensmall skin diseases,congenital abnormalities.

Cosmetic surgery of genitals for both men and women.

Oncology Surgeon: such as breast reconstruction and face and neck tumours surgery reconstruction.

Burn marks: medical and surgical treatments for any type of burn marks, in exception of those burn marks that need a treatment of special big burned care unit.

Repairing microsurgery.


  Micropigmentation - eyebrows, eyes and lips

La micropigmentación o  el maquillaje permanente es una de las técnicas de belleza más solicitadas.

Micropigmentation or permanent make up is one of the most sought after beauty techniques.

This beauty treatment  can be performed on eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Optimize the design, transforms and improves your apparel naturally.

Its duration in time is 2 to 5 years.


The Lipolaser  (liposuction) is the ultimate body to remove excess fat and reshape the figure of a quick, safe and permanent results technique.
This technique are applied in different areas are the most common: abdominal; flanks, thighs, hips, knees, arms, chin ... and is performed in both women and men.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery, the results will be permanent.
The procedure is performed in the operating room, under local anesthesia, sedation and on an outpatient basis without the income from the patient needed.
Liposculpture is a refined surgical technique and is based on extensive experience and international acceptance, which involves modeling the silhouette by the correction of localized fat deposits to give rounded shapes and curves on a woman and vice versa in the case of man.

The main objectives:

Modeling of the shapes
Volume Loss
Weight loss

The skin, after aspiration must adapt to the new structure. The result of this adjustment depends on the application of proper technique, have successfully used measures acupressure (belt) and having laid a good indication.

  • a specialized technique, liposuction, which has special characteristics is used.
  • in anatomical positions is performed such that the surgeon can place mobilize the patient and to assess the contours perfectly.
  • It is a tumescent technique (need prior infiltration of liquids), and has a special feature which is the aspiration of the outer layer (surface liposculpture) of the skin that makes the most of the capabilities of the skin shrink.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation on an outpatient basis.

The procedure lasts about one hour and the time spent in the clinic typically an hour. In any case it is not discharged to a patient until full recovery evident.


Facial and neck

Get your skin has a magnificent look that will make everyone wonder about your age.



SESSION : € 50

SESSION : 5 + 1: 250 €

SESSION : 8 + 2 : 400 €

  • Non invasive treatment , absence of needles.
  • Deep Cleaning , Reafirmation
  • Regeneration at the cellular level by stimulating the creation of natural collagen and elastin.
  • Brightness
  • Toning