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Alternative Medicine


We have a range of alternative treatments available for those ailments in need of another point of view for their healing.

  Manual therapy / Osteopathy

This is a manual therapy that helps relieve, correct and restore musculoskeletal injuries and organic pathologies.

Osteopathic intervention makes a functional diagnosis from which uses a set of methods and techniques for therapeutic and / or preventive manually applied on tissues, muscle, connective, nervous etc, obtained directly or reflects physiological reactions balance and normalize the different muscle disorders, musculoskeletal, organic and functional, improve or resolve the clinical picture and with special emphasis painful manifestations.

Therefore osteopathic treatment ranging from sports injuries to a wide range of disorders such as dizziness, headaches, neuralgia, TMJ problems, arthritis, lumbago, sciatica, tendonitis, contractures, scoliosis, fasciitis, diseases of the digestive system, respiratory, renal , blood, kidneys, brain, etc.

Therapeutic Massage - Sports Massage- Personalised treatments

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